Driving into work one grey and rainy day (it is Wales after all) Jack decided to quit his office job after reading an article about following your passion and within a few months had co-founded (along with Neil Asher) Black Sheep, a design, advertising and marketing agency based in the heart of Cardiff Bay. 

From humble beginnings, a £10k debt to service, zero clients and no business plan (our accountant thought we were mad…perhaps we were!) apart from the vision and dream ‘how about being the best design agency in Wales.’ A bold ethos that they always strove to live up to. 

Through a combination of being in the right place at the right time, hard work, passion, dedication and by building a reputation for great creative work, Black Sheep grew and Grew and GREW into one of Cardiff and Wales’ leading creative companies. The multi million pound business supported 21 members of staff and serviced leading brands in both the public and private sectors with strategic, creative and marketing support across all media.

The recession hit Black Sheep hard and after limping on for a few years Jack and Neil decided to shut up shop and close the pen. A very sad day with more than a few tears shed!

An incredible journey and hopefully inspiration to others that you really can follow and live your dreams. 

Jack now uses his expertise and knowledge in strategy, marketing and creative skills honed in ‘the big agency world’ to help organisations tell their story, connect with their audience, build a brand and grow their business in the most engaging way possible.

He is always on the lookout for interesting and challenging projects and companies to work with. If have a brief or proposal you would like to discuss, he’d love to hear from you.

Outside of work, Jack has another passion! Like a Shaolin Monk he trains daily and teaches an ancient Chinese healing exercise called Zhan Zhuang (pronounced Jam Jong) Qigong. The vision….’get everyone in Wales to practice this system.’ A big ask, but if anyone can do it, Jack has the drive and energy to see it through. Watch this space!


Stephens and George Print Group

Jack is an outstanding marketing and creative  professional who has led and delivered Stephens and George communication strategy covering above and below the line advertising, direct mail, email campaigns and implementing an industry leading magazine. 

His ability to work with anyone on any project has helped drive through difficult projects with ease. He always delivers and is capable of juggling multiple complex projects at one time and on budget and will do everything possible to ensure that our goals are not just met but exceeded. Not frightened to get stuck in with hard work, I’ve found Jack excellent at negotiating in a friendly pro-active manner and for the past six years a real pleasure to work with.


Jack is a commercially astute and highly proficient marketing communications professional. In my experience, Jack has high expectations for himself and his team and always delivers exceptional and effective communications plans, strategies and creative executions. He puts his heart and soul into his work and lives and breathes the brand and inspires everyone to do the same. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and I’ve learned a lot from him both personally and professionally.

Barratt Homes South Wales

We engaged the Black Sheep team to manage all of our advertising and design requirements. This involved the design and copywriting for individual press advertisements for over twenty of our developments every week. The turnaround time for this is very short and Jack has never let us down. They also design and supply our print requirements for a variety of needs and the quality of work produced is first class. They work in close collaboration with other marketing services suppliers when necessary and provide a very professional service. 

On a personal note I have found Jack to be like a little dynamo packed full of determination and enthusiasm, which is incredibly infectious! Jack is totally passionate about our company and sector and his genuine interest generates excitement and inspires those who work with him. He has a clear vision and he’s an achiever with endless drive, so you will get the results you were looking for! Jack is a natural leader and motivator who has clear vision and leads by example. 

From the outside looking in he builds on his teams strengths, bringing out the best in them and then challenges them to up their game still further, resulting in a high quality work output. His sense of commercial acumen and business drive are second to none.


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jack. Projects he has undertaken are always a pleasure due to the fact that he is a very open, honest and will always makes the time to explain the objectives and creative ideas in detail and keeps us informed with any developments.
He always delivers on his promises and I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him on numerous projects.


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